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            My name is kelechi Obibi and I came out of the family of Mr/Mrs Obibi Cletus in Owerri Imo State, Nigeria.I am a citizen of Nigeria. In the midst of four children of my parents, I am the second. I was born in the 19th century and brought up by my parents in Mgbidi, Oru L.G.A. I attend New lay-out primary school Mgbidi.After my six years at primary school, I was enroll to St Joseph"s Commercial Instutite, now St Joseph"s Comprehensive College Mgbidi for more education.. I was beloved by the principal, staffs even my mere students just because of my behaviour and apt in leanning. To be sincere then i was sturbbon though I was not stupid. I became the school office prefect at class  5 and handled it with care. Morever I took Mock examination and pass it. I also took NABTEB Examination in my final year and came out with flying colours. I I ntended to take GCE but all hope was lost due to some circumstances beyong  my control.

            I finally went to ondo with my uncle to trade on cosmetics and that was the end of my furthering education. I also lost a great many chances just because of it. I am a citizen of no mean city, no one can intimidate me. A man of his words, who stand one in good stead. During my stay with my uncle, katakata  develops and ever thing becomes scatter-scatter. I decided to leave because ever citizen has a right of his freedom. I left Ondo to my town where I joined a good Samaritan whom I worked with as a labourer. After eight months I came back to Ondo and establisch m own business. I am now dealing with electrical and electronics at 144 Akinwande junction Surulere Ondo town. Life is full of ups and downs, my uncle deceive me beyond toleration. He thought, I will end in agony.                                                                                                      

             I am a simple man by nature. I prefers the company boys to girls because they are not an achievement to me now. As a young youth I will not gain anything from them. To be sincere many had tried to seduce me but failed simply because I have no interest  with them. And besides it will break an oath I have sworn and my only ambition in life is to see it fulfilled. I only keep my body and soul to my sweatheart whom I had promised. I have upheld the promise, and God is the sincerity of my heart and intention.